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Kids in Day School

Our Dream

Kids In Day School K.I.D.S. started in the year 2000 as a venture among siblings & cousins who had a passion for teaching young children. And, as we were all starting off our families then, we saw the importance of a sound and solid caring and learning foundation for younger children. Thus we decided to carry on a mission committed to provide children with opportunities where they can learn and grow holistically – to develop their fundamental skills and social well being, 

and to likewise impart values of love, respect, sharing, honesty, and genuine concern for others. Play constitutes an important part of our curriculum because we believe that children learn best when they are having fun, and therefore, love for learning is fostered. As our school grew, we took on the responsibility of preparing more and more of our students for “big school”. We are proud to say that to date, the passing rate of our graduates who moved on to Kinder and Prep in big schools is close to 100%. We have found much fulfillment in being part of our young students’ early learning experiences.