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Kids in Day School

School Philosophy

We acknowledge that every child is a child of God.

We believe in his uniqueness and individuality.

He is a creative and active learner and we at K.I.D.S. are committed to provide him a loving, caring and wholesome environment where he can grow holistically.

Our school recognizes the fact that the first six years of a child’s life is very crucial. It is when his basic character, personality, skills and knowledge are formed. It is also the most critical in terms of providing proper stimulation for physical, intellectual and emotional development.

By providing developmentally appropriate activities and encouraging discovery, creativity, independence, exploration and competence, we aim to help maximize a child’s potential.

Children deserve to be happy and learn best when they are having fun. Play therefore constitutes an important part of the curriculum. Love for learning is fostered.

We believe that parents and teachers are partners in a child’s early education. We are dedicated to work together with parents to provide positive interaction and enriching day to day experiences that will help build his character.

K.I.D.S. vows to not only provide children with learning opportunities to develop their fundamental skills and social well-being. We will also impart values of love, respect, sharing, honesty and genuine concern for others.